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Last Updated: 06/05/14 02:02:45 PM

Health Facilities (need docs/pdfs)

The Bureau of Licensure and Certification (BLC) licenses medical and other health facilities in Nevada in accordance with NRS (Nevada Revised Statutes) Chapter 449 and with NAC (Nevada Administrative Code) Chapter 449.

The Bureau also has an agreement with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to certify medical facilities and providers and skilled nursing facilities in the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement programs. Surveys (inspections) are conducted in accordance with applicable regulations (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 42), based on the type of facility, and following specific time frames and procedures. The Bureau also conducts complaint investigations for all licensed and/or certified facilities.

To make a complaint regarding care in Nevada Medical and Health Facilities call one of the following Bureau Offices:

Carson City (775) 687-4475            Las Vegas (702) 486-6515

All complaint information is kept confidential

Notices to those seeking initial licensure or certification for Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement
Pending Initial Surveys in
Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada


You may apply for a license for any of the following facilities that the Bureau of Licensure and Certification regulates:

Facility Type License
by NRS
by NAC
Agency to provide nursing in the home HHA 449.0015 449.749
Agency to provide personal care services in the home PCA 449.0021 (more information)
Business that provides referrals to Residential Facilities for Groups BPR 449.0305 449.27811
Community Triage Center CTC 449.0033 449.74311
Facility for hospice care - freestanding HFS 449.0033 449.017
Facility for intermediate care IFC 449.0038 449.614
Facility for modified medical detoxification MDX 449.00385 449.15311
Facility for refractive surgery LSK 449.00387 449.450
Facility for skilled nursing SNF 449.0039 449.744
Facility for the care of adults during the day ADC 449.004 449.4061
Facility for the dependent. (n/a) 449.0049 (not applicable)
Facility for the treatment of abuse of alcohol or drugs ADA 449.00455 449.019
Facility for the treatment of irreversible renal disease ESR 449.0046 449.501
Facility for transitional living for released offenders TLF 449.0055 449.154951
Facility for treatment with narcotics medications unit NTC 449.037 and 449.038 449.154
Halfway house for recovering alcohol and drug abusers HWH 449.008 449.1545
Home for individual residential care HIC 449.0105 449.15511
Hospice Care Program HPC 449.0115 449.017
Hospital HOS 449.012 449.279
Independent center for emergency medical care ICE 449.013 449.61302
Medical facility (n/a) 449.0151 (not applicable)
Mobile unit MBU 449.01515 449.970
Nursing pool NSP 449.0153 449.747
Obstetric center OBC 449.0155 449.6113
Psychiatric hospital HOS 449.0165 449.279
Residential facility for groups AGC 449.017 449.156
Rural clinic RHC 449.0175 CFR, Title 42
Rural hospital HOS 449.0177 449.279
Surgical center for ambulatory patients ASC 449.019 449.971
General Provisions     449.002
Appeals Process     449.010
Construction standards for hospital, skilled nursing, intermediate care facilities     449.806
Fees     449.012
Neonatal Care by Hospitals     442.250
Trauma Treatment Centers     450B.760
Open Heart Surgery     449.612
Transplantation of organs     449.6126


The Bureau does not license the following, please click on the link to reach the appropriate regulatory agency:

For all other Boards and Commissions, please see this State of Nevada webpage

facility services

 Statements of Deficiency and Plans of Correction

Note: This list currently only contains surveys done in August, 2008, and we are unable to make any updates at this time. For information on recent surveys, please contact us at (775) 687-4475.

residential facilities

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