ACPG Workgroup Meetings 2018

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Patrick Petrie, State Lead
Nevada Problem Gambling Program

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Legislative Workgroup

Tony Cabot, Chair
Alan Feldman
Ted Hartwell
Connie Jones
Judge Cheryl Moss
Carol O'Hare
Denise Quirk
Debra Robinson

    Legislative Workgroup Meeting Friday, January 12, 2018 (2:00 PM)

      Medicaid Workgroup

      Jeff Marotta
      Carol O'Hare
      Denise Quirk
      Lana Robards
      Merle Sexton

      Staff Advisors
      Pat Petrie, Office of Community Partnerships and Grants
      Cindy Smith, Chief, Office of Community Partnerships and Grants
      DuAne Young, Division of Health Care Financing and Policy

      • Meeting Dates TBD