State of Nevada Drug Transparency Program

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Here you will find information regarding information for both consumers and stakeholders, data regarding information gathered since the inception of the program as well as annual reports.


Senate Bill No. 539, enacted June 15, 2017, required the Department to compile a list of prescription drugs that the Department determined to be essential for treating diabetes in this State and the wholesale acquisition cost of each drug on the list.

Senate Bill No. 262, enacted May 30, 2019, built on Nevada’s diabetes drug pricing transparency law by including asthma drugs. The list was required to include, without limitation, all forms of insulin and biguanides marketed for sale in this State.

Senate Bill No. 380, enacted June 10, 2021, removed asthma medications and added all other medication that cost over $40 for a course of therapy, and experienced a significant price increase.

Nevada Revised Statutes:

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