Family Friendly Initiatives

To support our more than 5,200 employees statewide, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has created some Family Friendly Initiatives and Toolkits containing philosophies designed to help members of our staff navigate available resources.

DHHS administration recognizes that an employee may experience situations that affect one’s capacity to perform well on the job, or finding that work-life balance.  These experiences, while personal in nature, can manifest in the workplace as issues that affect performance, attendance or conduct.  DHHS is a workplace that supports, fosters, and empowers employees with aging parents, breastfeeding, infants in the workplace, and those that may be struggling with and seeking recovery from addiction-related issues.  DHHS welcomes and embraces these initiatives in an effort to help employees and their families live healthy, full, and productive lives.  People will choose their pathway based on their cultural values, their socioeconomic status, their psychological and behavioral needs.  These toolkits have been created to promote and carry the message that DHHS is committed to and cares about the whole health of the individual person and their family.

We hope the resources in the Family Friendly Initiatives will help you, whether you are a supervisor supporting a staff member, an employee just beginning or already involved, or have a friend or family member who may be struggling or in need of some guidance. If you need additional assistance or have any questions, please contact your immediate supervisor and/or HR department. Your confidentiality will always be honored and your rights as an employee protected.

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