Current ICC Membership

State Legislature


Nevada State Legislature

Personnel Preparation

Janice Lee, M.ED.

UNR College of Education, Nevada Center for Excellence In Disabilities

Jenna Weglarz-Ward, Ph.D.

UNLV College of Education, Special Education

Head Start Agency

Sherry Waugh, Director, (ICC Co-chair)

UNR Human Development & Family Studies

Parent Representatives

Candace Emerson, (ICC Co-chair)

Southern Region - Las Vegas

Aimee Hadleigh, (ICC Co-Chair)

Northern Region - Reno


Northern Region - Reno

Lisa Hunt

Southern Region - Las Vegas

Andre' Haynes

Southern Region - Las Vegas

Heaven Wright

Southern Region - Las Vegas

Kristin Hoxie

Southern Region - Las Vegas

Kellie Hess

Rural Region - Elko

Private/Public Provider

Keana Sullivan

USAF Nellis Child Development Program

Yvonne Moore, Program Manager

Early Intervention Services - Positively Kids

Dawn Brooks, Program Manager

Nevada Early Intervention Services –Southern Region

Claribel Zecena

Nevada Early Intervention Services – Northern Region

Sandra LaPalm

Nevada Early Intervention Services – Northeast Region

State Education Agency for Preschool Services

VACANT, 619 Coordinator - Part B

Nevada Department of Education

State Agency Involved in the Provision of, or Payment for Early Intervention Services


Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division

State Medicaid Agency


Division of Health Care Financing and Policy

State Child Care Agency

Crystal Johnson, Child Care & Development

Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services

State Foster Care Agency


Division of Child and Family Services

State Health Insurance Agency


Nevada Division of Insurance

State Mental Health Agency

Rhonda Lawrence, Early Childhood Mental Health

Division of Child and Family Services

Office of the Coordinator of Education of Homeless Children

Karen Gordon, Homeless Children & Youth Education Coordinator

Nevada Department of Education

Native American Representative

Karen Shaw

Washoe County School District


Robin Kincaid, Educational Services Director

Nevada PEP

Kate Osti, Rights Advocate

Nevada Disability Advocacy & Law Center (NDALC)

Kari Horn, Executive Director

Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities