Cultural Literacy Strategies

Content includes culturally sensitive educational materials for awareness and literacy training.

    Making Health Happen Online Courses

    Making Health Happen features a variety of web-based training modules on key public health topics such as Health in All Policies (HiAP) and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI). Listed courses such as Cultural Competency Trainings fulfill Nevada’s training requirement for employees of licensed healthcare facilities.

    Think Cultural Health CLAS Training

    Explore these free federal-level continuing education e-learning programs, each designed to help you provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS). Target audiences include healthcare professionals and administrators such as nurses, promotores de salud, and oral health practitioners, emergency responders, social workers, and psychologists.

    Generational Diversity and Sensitivity Training

    A five-module training that seeks to develop sensitivity for the unique needs, challenges, values, and preferences of older adults.

    A New Way To Talk About Social Determinants of Health

    A portfolio from the Robert Wood Foundation that proposes meaningful language to discuss and address the social determinants of health.

    Harvard University’s Implicit Association Test (IAT)

    A test that measures attitudes and beliefs about various topics such as religion, race, and gender.

    Mourning and Mental Health Playbook

    The playbook features important resources that confront the experience of Black mourning, grief and mental health in the time of COVID-19 through articles, podcasts, racial justice organizations, and artwork by Black creators.

    Racial Equity Impact Assessment

    A guide to developing a racial equity impact assessment.

    Using Communications Strategies to Advance Racial Equity

    A communication tool developed by Colorado’s Office of Health Equity to help users embed equity and inclusion in their communication strategies.

    Roots of Health Inequity

    A free web-based learning collaborative designed for public health professionals that explores social structures that create health inequities, provides strategies for addressing the root causes of health inequities, and how to form partnerships with other public health entities to ensure equitable service. The course also explores how social justice affects individual health.