Early Intervention Programs

For Early Intervention referrals statewide:

Call: 1-800-522-0066

Or Email: ProjectAssist@dhhs.nv.gov

    Developmental Milestones

    Are you concerned?  Because all babies are different, they rarely do the same thing at exactly the same age.  As a result, it's not unusual for families to have questions or concerns about their child's development.  You may wonder; Why isn't my son sitting up?  Why isn't my daughter crawling?  Why doesn't my son talk like other children his age?

    You can read the child find brochure "Babies Have A Lot To Learn" for some general guidelines or developmental milestones.  It's important to keep in mind that all children develop differently and at their own pace.

    Where to Begin?

    The Nevada Early Intervention Services (NEIS) System provides services to children birth until three with developmental delay or disabilities, and their families.  If you are concerned about your child's development, the first step is to have your child referred for evaluation, which looks at his or her basic skills.  This evaluation is free of charge.  You can refer your child directly or you can have your child's physician or another professional make the referral for you.  You will be assigned a service coordinator who will help you through the process.  Below are the various Early Intervention Program's contact information.

    Children 3 years +

    If you have concerns or would like an evaluation for children 3 years of age and up, contact your local school district for information.

    Nevada Early Intervention Services (NEIS) Parent Handbooks

    What are my rights and why are they important?

    Rights protect your family and child. All families enrolled in early intervention programs in Nevada have the same rights. Your rights within the early intervention process begin as soon as you are referred to a program and continue as long as you and your child participate in the early intervention program. The IDEA Part C law governs early intervention services and gives families’ rights. You can find more information about these Part C laws at: http://idea.ed.gov/


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    The following collection of videos were created in other states’ programs and may not be exact in regards to Nevada but are similar enough that the information is useful for understanding early intervention.

      Informational videos for families who are, or will be receiving early intervention services

      Central Resource Directory - Project ASSIST and Early Childhood Special Education Library

      One of the resources is Project ASSIST, a Central Resource Directory for information about organizations, programs or agencies that may provide services and supports for children and young adults up to 21 years with disabilities, and their families.

       Another resource available to families, professionals, educators, and staff working with young children with disabilities and their families is the Early Childhood Special Education Resource Library  in the IDEA Part C Office.  It contains hundreds of books, DVDs, and materials regarding children, families, disabilities, early intervention, childhood education, and more.  This library is available for use statewide.  Contact:   ProjectAssist@dhhs.nv.gov or (800) 522-0066.

      Early Intervention Services in Nevada are Provided by the Following Programs

      Rural staff serves infants and toddlers with developmental disabilities and their families in rural northeastern Nevada; including the communities of Pershing, Humboldt, Upper Nye, Lander, Eureka, Elko, and White Pine counties.  For Early Intervention referrals statewide, please call: 1-800-522-0066

         Main Office - Elko Ely Office  Winnemucca Office 
        1020 Ruby Vista Dr., Suite 102
        Elko, NV 89801
        Phone: (775) 753-1214
        Fax: (775) 753-1374
        1500 Avenue F, Suite B
        Ely, NV 89301
        Phone: (775) 289-1622
        Fax: (775) 289-1685
        475 W. Haskell, Suite 24
        Winnemucca, NV 89445
        Phone: (775) 623-6593 ext. 7
        Fax: (775) 623-6591

          Nevada Early Intervention Services (NEIS) Northwest Region

          NEIS Northwest provides family-centered multidisciplinary diagnostic and early intervention services around Washoe, Carson/Douglas, Lyon, Storey, Churchill and Mineral counties. Staff includes developmental specialists, a pediatrician, speech, physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists, audiologists and social workers. Several specialty clinics are offered such as genetics and metabolic clinics.  For Early Intervention referrals statewide, please call: 1-800-522-0066

            Main Office-Reno Carson City Office
            2667 Enterprise Rd.
            Reno, NV 89512
            Phone: (775) 688-1341
            FAX: (775) 688-2984
            3427 Goni Rd., Suite 104
            Carson City, NV 89706
            Phone: (775) 687-0101
            FAX: (775) 687-0110

            Northwest Region Community Partners

            Advanced Pediatric Therapies, LLC  
            1625 E. Prater Way, Ste.107
            Sparks, NV 89434
            Phone: 775-825-4744
            Fax: 775-351-1644


              Therapy Management Group - Northwest Capability Health and Human Services (formally known as Easter Seals Nevada)
              10587 Double R Blvd Suite 101,
              Reno, NV 89521
              Toll free number: 877-360-7045
              Website: http://tmgnv.com/ 
              5250 Neil Road, Suite 200
              Reno, NV 89502
              Phone: (775) 434-0488
              Website: https://www.capabilityhealth.org/

                Nevada Early Intervention Services (NEIS) Southern Region

                Serving urban & rural Clark, Lower Nye, Esmeralda, and lower Lincoln counties. NEIS South is staffed by pediatricians, social workers, speech pathologist, audiologists, developmental specialists, nutritionists, physical and occupational therapists, and family specialists. Services include comprehensive evaluations, service coordination, infant and toddler intervention, and specialty clinics such as genetics, craniofacial, and metabolic clinics.  For Early Intervention referrals statewide, please call: 1-800-522-0066

                  Main Office - Las Vegas  
                  1161 S. Valley View
                  Las Vegas, NV 89102
                  Referral: (702) 486-9200
                  Phone: (702) 486-7670
                  Fax: (702) 486-7686

                    Southern Region Community Partners

                    Capability Health and Human Services (formally known as Easter Seals Nevada)   
                    7281 W. Charleston Blvd.
                    Las Vegas, NV 89117
                    Phone: (702) 870-7050
                    FAX: (702) 870-7649
                    Web:  https://www.capabilityhealth.org/

                      Therapy Management Group MD Developmental Agency (MDDA) 
                      8020 West Sahara Ave., Suite 160
                      Las Vegas, NV 89117
                      Office: (702) 595-KIDS (5437)
                      Fax: (702) 425-2787
                      Website: www.tmgnv.com 

                      2520 Saint Rose Parkway, Suite H2 - 216
                      Henderson, NV 89074
                      Phone: (702) 268-8513
                      Fax: (702) 852-0430
                      Email: mddevelopmental2019@gmail.com
                      Website: https://mddevelopmentalagency.com/

                        Theraplay Solutions  
                        5155 Blue Diamond Rd., Suite 102 PMB 1029 (Mailing Only)
                        Website https://theraplaysolutions.org/
                        Las Vegas, NV 89179
                        Phone: (702) 530-2532
                        Fax: (702) -924-0632 

                          Training Resources Are In Development

                          For more information, please see the Nevada Early Intervention Professional Development Center (Nevada Early Intervention Professional Development Center (nv.gov)