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Office of Minority Health and Equity

Organizational Structure/History

The Nevada State Legislature initially created the Office of Minority Health with passage of Assembly Bill 580 during the 2005 legislative session. Included in the bill was the creation of an Advisory Committee, composed of nine members reflecting the ethnic and geographical diversity of the state. During the 2017 legislative session, AB 141 was passed broadening its title to Office of Minority Health and Equity and the definition of minority to include members of the LGBTQ and disabled communities.


    Pursuant to NRS 232.474, the mission of the State of Nevada Office of Minority Health and Equity (NOMHE) is:


      The vision of the NOMHE is to achieve optimal levels of health and wellness for racial and ethnic minorities in the state. The NOMHE provides an organized statewide focus serving to:

      • Identify, assess and analyze issues related to the health status of minority populations and to communicate this information where needed;
      • Participate in, and lead when appropriate, the development of minority needs assessments, service strategies and the collection of minority health data;
      • Provide reference and resource information on minority health issues;
      • Engage internal and external entities to support initiatives that address specific minority health needs, including target health care program resources to meet these needs;
      • Monitor programs, policies and procedures for inclusiveness and responsiveness to minority health needs; and
      • Facilitate the development and implementation of research and scientific investigations to produce minority specific findings.

        1. To improve the quality of health care services for members of minority groups;
        2. To increase access to health care services for members of minority groups;
        3. To disseminate information to and to educate the public on matters concerning health care issues of members of minority groups.

          Additionally, the NOMHE provides guidance on implementing initiatives addressing health disparities; contributes to policy development on minority health; increases public awareness of racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes and health care; and provides technical assistance to minority communities and faith-based organizations interested in improving minority health in Nevada.

            COVID-19 Dashboard

            The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Analytics dashboard serves as the state’s resource on COVID-19 statistics representing its impact on its 3.149 million residents. In response to COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on the state’s vulnerable populations, the NOMHE webpage offers a direct link to the dashboard’s racially stratified reporting options. Reports stratified by race, ethnicity, age and gender are available for the following indicators:

            • Nevada's population;
            • People tested for COVID-19;
            • People with negative COVID-19 test results;
            • Confirmed positive COVID-19 cases; and
            • Confirmed positive COVID-19-related deaths.

            Health equity advocates and service providers committed to culturally competent delivery are encouraged to use the data to administer programming and inform public health policies. 

            Scroll to Page 2 at the bottom of the dashboard below for Racially Stratified Reporting  


            Tina Dortch (MPA), Program Manager
            Nevada Office of Minority Health and Equity (NOMHE)
            (702) 486-2151

              Forms and Publications


              Advisory Committee Link

              Amplify Equity COVID-19 Toolkit

              COVID-19 Toolkit Overview
              Cultural Literacy Strategies
              Cultural Literacy Strategies
              Outreach and Public Awareness
              Outreach and Public Awareness
              Contact Tracing and Emergency Response Strategies
              Contact Tracing and Emergency Response Strategies
              Action Planning and Reporting Strategies
              Action Planning and Reporting Strategies

              Change Your Gender in Nevada

              In recognition of the importance of equitable access to all health-related services,
              NOHME is pleased to present A Guide to Name and Gender Marker Changes and Gender Reassignment Services.

              The informational booklet:

              • contains instructions on managing the process to change your name and gender marker;
              • provides insight into Medicaid covered procedures; and
              • explains related Nevada law.

                Minority Health Reports

                Minority Health Report Cover

                The state of Nevada, with assistance from NOMHE produces a Minority Health Report. Versions of this bi-annual report may be viewed and downloaded using the links below. The 2021 Minority Health Report is now available. It features vulnerability indexing, a powerful tool that enables public officials to identify communities that are most vulnerable before, during, and after disasters.

                Click the links below to read a report!

                Clinical Trial Diversification

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