Cultural Competency and DEIB trainings

Content includes resources that enable organizations to learn more about cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion. This content does not meet the requirements for mandatory cultural competency for health facilities under the revised statute NRS 449.0303. For more information about click HERE.

    Making Health Happen Online Courses

    Making Health Happen features a variety of web-based training modules on key public health topics such as Health in All Policies (HiAP) and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI). Listed courses such as Cultural Competency Trainings fulfill Nevada’s training requirement for employees of licensed healthcare facilities.

    Think Cultural Health CLAS Training

    Explore these free federal-level continuing education e-learning programs, each designed to help you provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS). Target audiences include healthcare professionals and administrators such as nurses, promotores de salud, and oral health practitioners, emergency responders, social workers, and psychologists.

    Racism in Policing: A Guided Course by ACLU

    American Civil Liberties Union explores Black activist calls to divest from police as an institution and invest in community-based life-affirming programs and solutions in a four-lesson email series. Participants will receive one email per week from ACLU experts.

    National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center

    This online, free virtual classroom contains educational materials that feature best practices to provide affirming LGBTQIA+ health care such as learning modules that teach participants basic communication principles.

    Providing Care for LGBTQ+ Adolescents

    Providing Care for LGBTQ+ Adolescents: Self-Paced Online" is a comprehensive training program offered by the Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) Learning. This self-paced online training is designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide effective care for LGBTQ+ adolescents.