Advisory Committee for a Resilient Nevada (ACRN)

Creation & Purpose

Section 1. Creation

The Committee was established in compliance with the passage of Senate Bill (SB) 390 by the 2021 State Legislature 81st session to obtain advice and council from persons and entities who possess knowledge and experience related to the prevention of opioid misuse, opioid related deaths and injury, as well as addiction and opioid use disorders within the State of Nevada. The goal is to effectively address risks, impacts, and harms of the opioid crisis in the State through the Fund for a Resilient Nevada (FRN).

Section 2. Purpose

The Coalition will provide feedback and best practice reviews on the data-based content and use information from the “damages report” to establish the data driven needs assessment and the development of an integrated state plan. The state plan will include an analysis of the impacts of opioid use and opioid use disorder based on quantitative and qualitative data to determine priorities for programming to be supported by the Fund for a Resilient Nevada. The state plan will prioritize overdose prevention strategies, youth substance use prevention, and focus on health equity and identifying disparities across all racial and ethnic populations, geographic regions and special populations, which includes, without limitation to: veterans, persons who are pregnant, parents of dependent children, youth, persons who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning, and persons and families involved in the criminal justice system, juvenile justice system and child welfare systems.

    ACRN Members

    If you are interested in serving the State of Nevada by lending your knowledge and expertise to the Advisory Committee for a Resilient Nevada (ACRN), please check the ACRN Member webpage ACRN Members for current vacancies and the statutory requirements associated with each vacancy, and contact Dawn Yohey at