Fund For A Healthy Nevada

The Fund for a Healthy Nevada (FHN) is governed by Chapter 439, Sections 620–630, of the Nevada Revised Statutes to utilize 60% of tobacco settlement monies received or recovered by the State of Nevada. Originally, the statues included specific allocations to defined service areas such as children's health, services for persons with disabilities, and tobacco use prevention and cessation. However, the 2013 Legislature amended the statute to:

  • Expand children's health to include programs that address the health and well-being of all Nevadans;
  • Remove the specific funding allocations; and
  • Add a requirement that a statewide community needs assessment be conducted every other year to establish funding priorities.

Community Needs Assessments were conducted in 2012, 2014 and 2016 by the Grant Management Unit (GMU), formerly the Office of Community Partnerships and Grants (OCPG), on behalf of the Grants Management Advisory Committee (GMAC), a citizen advisory group charged with oversight of portions of the FHN. Assessments were also conducted by the Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD) on behalf of the Nevada Commission on Aging (CoA) and the Nevada Commission on Services for Persons with Disabilities. The results of these needs assessments ultimately help establish the framework for the FHN budget each biennium.

    GMAC Funding Priorities for SFY20-21

    The results of the 2018 Community Needs Assessment are currently being compiled and will be presented to the Grants Management Advisory Committee at their quarterly meeting on June 14, 2018. Meeting information, including time, locations, meeting agenda, and other materials can be accessed from the GMAC 2018 Meetings webpage.

      GMAC Funding Priorities for SFY18-19

      The Ad Hoc Community Needs Assessment Subcommittee presented funding priority recommendations for FY18-19 to the Grants Management Advisory Committee at the June 9, 2016 meeting. Final recommendations as approved by the GMAC are outlined in the minutes of the meeting. Links to both documents are provided below.

      GMAC Funding Priorities for FY16-17

      On June 29, 2016 , the Grants Management Advisory Committee approved FHN funding priority recommendations for State Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019. In determining their recommendations, the GMAC considered the results of the 2016 Community Needs Assessment.

      Contact Information

      For more information regarding the Fund for a Healthy Nevada or the grant application process, please contact the Grant Management Unit at