Social Services Block Grants (Title XX)

About SSBG Title XX

Social Services Block Grants (SSBG) are provided through the Federal Social Security Act, Title XX  and enable each state or territory to meet the needs of its residents through locally relevant social services. SSBGs support programs that allow communities to achieve or maintain economic self-sufficiency to prevent, reduce or eliminate dependency on social services. SSBGs fund a variety of initiatives for children and adults; each state determines which services to provide and who is eligible to receive these services. For more information on SSBG visit the US Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Community Services at:

    SSBG in Nevada

    The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services allocates these funds to state and non-state programs providing social services in urban and rural communities statewide. For a listing of programs in Nevada funded through SSBG, follow the links below.