Home Care Employment Standards Board

In December 2022 the Home Care Employment Standards Board completed and submitted a report which fulfills the duty of the Board as detailed in NRS 608.640. No further meetings or actions are scheduled at this time.

The Board was created through the 81st Session of the Nevada Legislature. This board reviews investigation of, and makes recommendations for, the improvement of working conditions in the critical home care industry.


    • Maxine Hartranft, Representing Employers
    • Kristi De Leon, Representing Employers
    • Robert P. Crockett, Representing Employers
    • Shanieka Cooper, Representing Employees
    • Farren Epstein, Representing Employees
    • Safiyyah AbdulRahim, Representing Employees
    • Gerardo Louis Gonzalez, Representing Recipients
    • Stephanie Schoen, Representing Recipients
    • Sue Wagner, Representing Recipients
    • Brett K. Harris, Nevada Labor Commissioner

    Richard Whitley, Director of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, has designated Cody Phinney, Deputy Administrator of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, as chair of the committee.


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