Nevada Public Option - Target Launch Date: January 1, 2026

Background, Structure, and Requirements

Passed during the 2021 Legislative Session and signed into law by Governor Steve Sisolak on June 9, 2021, Nevada Senate Bill 420 requires the Director of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), in consultation with the Commissioner of Insurance and the Executive Director of the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, to design, establish, and operate a public option health benefit plan in its nongroup markets.

  • All public option products are to satisfy state and federal standards required by insurance products sold in the Nevada Health Link (i.e., a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act).
    • This means low- and middle-income consumers qualifying for federal premium subsidies under the ACA could apply their subsidies to the new product if purchased through the Exchange.
  • The new law allows Nevada to require all health insurers that want to continue to participate in the State’s Medicaid managed care program to submit a good faith bid to also contract with the State to offer and administer products for the public option. The State may also invite non-Medicaid insurers to submit bids.
  • The Director of DHHS will oversee the bidding process, using a statewide competitive process in conjunction with the State’s next procurement process for Medicaid managed care, in order to align purchasing incentives and leverage existing provider networks.
  • State-contracted health insurers for the public option will be required to pay providers in-network reimbursement rates at least comparable to, or better than, Medicare rates for covered services.

    Goals of the Nevada Public Option

    The Director is required to prioritize bids reflecting the new law’s statutory goals.

    Key goals of the public option plan include:

    • Leverage state purchasing power to lower premiums and costs for health care for all Nevadans.
    • Improve access and reduce disparities related to quality of care and outcomes for historically marginalized communities.
    • Increase competition in individual health insurance rating areas to improve availability of coverage for rural Nevadans.
    • Promote value-based health care financing.


      Please see Question 4 of the Nevada Public Option FAQ.


        Actuarial Study Informational Webinar - September 23, 2022

         Watch the Video Recording of the Meeting

         Preliminary Actuarial Study Presentation

        Stakeholder engagement & waiver design public meetings - November 2021-January 2022

        • Specific stakeholder meeting dates will be added to the Public Option Meetings page.
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        • To submit questions or comments, write to 

          Meeting agendas, links and documents are available here
        • December 8, 2-3 PM - Video Recording
          • Goals and Guiding Principles 
          • Overview of Legislation and 1332 Waivers
          • Overview of Public Option Designs in Other States
        • December 22, 2-3 PM - Video Recording
          • Stakeholder Priorities for the Design of This Public Option (e.g., affordability, networks, access, provider reimbursement, etc.)
        • January 5, 2-3 PM - Video Recording
          • Target population
          • Affordability: Cost-Sharing and Premiums
        • January 13, 1-2 PM - Video Recording
          • Benefits
          • Value-Based Payment / Cost Containment
        • January 18, 12-1 PM - Video Recording
          • Health plan rate setting and rate review
          • Provider contracting and networks
          • Strengthening the Individual and Small Group Markets
        • January 28, 1-2 PM - Video Recording
          • Licensure and Oversight
          • Offering the Public Option in the small group market
          • Next Steps (actuarial analysis, subsequent opportunities for stakeholder feedback, waiver development)
        *Please note all of this information is tentative. For updates please join the Public Option ListServ mentioned above. 

          Additional Information

          • SB420 requires the Director of the Department of Health and Human Services to apply for a Section 1332 State Innovation Waiver. For more information, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has a page dedicated to Section 1332: State Innovation Waivers.
          • This website will be updated with additional information and materials as they become available.


          If you would like to submit comments or questions, please use the following email.


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