Autism Treatment Programs Available in Nevada’s Rural Counties

Carson City October 22, 2021

Residents of Nevada’s rural counties who need services related to intellectual or developmental disabilities, including Autism, can contact the Rural Regional Center (RRC), along with the Autism Treatment Assistance Program (ATAP) of the Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD) of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Rural Regional Center provides services such as case management, supported residential living, day habilitation, and caregiver respite. Residents of Nevada who have either a diagnosis of an intellectual disability (before age 18) or a developmental disability (before age 22) and have substantial limitations in adaptive functioning affecting areas of significant life activity are eligible for benefits.

Anyone who is interested in receiving additional information regarding services and supports provided by Rural Regional Center should call (775) 687-5162 and speak to an intake coordinator.

ATAP is designed to help families with the cost of therapies for their children diagnosed with Autism. Services within this program are Applied Behavior Analysis, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and social skill groups. When a child has Medicaid, ATAP will not fund services, as treatment is covered at 100%. However, ATAP offers service coordination, including but not limited to connecting families with other community resources, connecting families with out-of-state resources if needed, connecting families with therapy providers, and helping families navigate school resources.

To meet the eligibility requirements for ATAP services, an individual must have received a formal diagnosis of Autism either through a qualified medical professional or through an approved school assessment, be a resident of the state of Nevada, and be under the age of 19.

To apply for ATAP or for additional information, please contact an Intake Coordinator either at 775-687-0113 or


Nikki Haag
Public Information Officer, Aging and Disability Services Division