Nevada Drops in National Ranking for Suicides

Carson City March 23, 2022

Nevada is no longer in the top 10 states for suicides, and now ranks 12th in the nation, according to a report by Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE). The Silver State ranked 7th in 2019, with 642 deaths with an age-adjusted rate of 19.8 suicides per 100,000 population. Those numbers dropped in 2020 to 603 deaths, a rate of 19.2. According to Nevada’s Office of Suicide Prevention, Nevada has held steady or decreased suicides, while the country has seen an uptick.

Nevada has taken several steps to address suicide prevention and mental health, including dedicating additional funding for programs such as the Nevada Resilience Project, Zero Suicide, and Project Aware in partnership with the Department of Education. The Silver State also recently hired its first Youth Suicide Prevention Coordinator.

“While this is encouraging news and highlights the resilience of Nevadans, we have much more work to do to continue and sustain this downward trajectory,” said Misty Vaughan Allen, Suicide Prevention Coordinator with the Office of Suicide Prevention. “Suicide is complex and the efforts to increase protection from suicide, especially with our young people, will require comprehensive and collaborative work and creative thinking. Even one loss to suicide is one life too many.”

A survey by The Harris Poll in 2020 reported that most Americans said they understood that suicide is preventable, and that they would help someone they know who is at risk. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the first step starts with reaching out:

• Looking out for each other and checking in reduces suicide risk, because it increases the connections between people.
• Recognize the signs of depression, specifically changes in behavior, appearance, or mood.
• If you are concerned, ask them about suicide.
• Prevention experts say that discussing suicide directly and with compassion is a key part in preventing it.

If you or someone you know is at risk, contact Crisis Support Services of Nevada by calling 800-273-8255 or texting CARE to 839863. To connect with Project Aware, please contact Misty Vaughan Allen at


Kendall Holcomb
Public Information Officer, Nevada Resilience Project