Nevada Immunization Program announces SMART Health QR Code for COVID-19 vaccine records

Carson City February 02, 2022

Today, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services has announced that COVID-19 vaccination records can be accessed through the SMART Health QR Code tool.

The SMART Health QR Code, available through Nevada WebIZ, the statewide immunization information system, is protected by cryptography and will serve as an official State of Nevada digital record for those who received vaccines in the state.

COVID-19 vaccination records from Nevada WebIZ are available to individuals for digital download at no cost through the SMART Health QR Code tool. When accessed, the QR code will show the requesting individual’s COVID-19 vaccination record, which includes the type of vaccine received, date and vaccine location, the individual’s legal name as documented within Nevada WebIZ and date of birth.

Like the Nevada WebIZ system, a patient may access their own record, or a parent or guardian can retrieve a record for a minor child. Two-factor authentication is used to protect patient information.

SMART Health QR Codes will be generated by accessing Nevada WebIZ and choosing download COVID-19 record from the top right. If an additional dose of vaccine is received, a new code will need to be generated. After the QR code is generated, the link to Nevada WebIZ is terminated and the code is protected by cryptography.

QR codes can be saved as a digital file on phones, computers or other devices used to store digital information like Apple Wallet, Apple Health or the Google Pay App on Android technology.

Additionally, they can be screenshot and saved as an image. The data can only be interpreted by verified SMART Health apps.

"The QR code is a safe, efficient way to store your COVID-19 vaccine record so that you may share it with whoever you choose," said Kristy Zigenis, COVID-19 Program Manager for the Nevada State Immunization Program. "It's quick, easy to access through Nevada WebIZ and will give you everything you need anywhere that proof of vaccination for COVID-19 is required."

Smart Health QR Codes can be accessed by visiting the Nevada WebIZ public access portal at Once individuals download their record, the QR code will be visible at the bottom of the record to be saved as a digital file.

More information on the Smart Health QR Code can be found at

For questions contact the State’s COVID-19 helpline at 800-401-0946.


Shannon Litz
Public Information Officer