Nevada Medicaid warns of renewal scams

Carson City, NV April 24, 2023

Scammers are attempting to take advantage of hundreds of thousands of Nevadans who may need to reapply for Medicaid or transition to other insurance, as the state unwinds from the federal public health emergency. As members are trying to reapply or shop for insurance, text, email, and phone scams are offering fraudulent services that ask for payment to renew. Similar scams have been reported nation-wide.

Nevadans need to know: Nevada Medicaid and the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (DWSS) will never ask members to pay to renew coverage. The divisions are contacting members via text and email, but only to remind them to watch for renewal packets and to return them so they can maintain coverage. The threat of scams is expected to continue for the next 13 months as more members than usual receive renewal packets in the mail.

“Medicaid renewals have restarted in Nevada, and we may be reaching out to remind you to complete and return any necessary paperwork to maintain your health care coverage,” said Nevada Medicaid Administrator Stacie Weeks. “Nevada Medicaid will never charge you or ask you for money to update your information or to renew your coverage.”

You should never share your bank or credit card information with anyone that claims to be from Nevada Medicaid or the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services. If someone asks you for money to continue to be covered by Nevada Medicaid, they are not a real representative of the program. If you are uncomfortable sharing information, you can visit a DWSS Office or call (702) 486-1646 or (775) 684-7200.

Anyone who receives an email, text or phone call asking to pay money to renew health coverage should report the incident to the Attorney General’s Office here or by calling the Bureau of Consumer Protection’s hotline at (888) 434-9989. Members can check their renewal status through AccessNevada, phone (800) 992-0900, or email

Members who do not have a current address on file will not receive a renewal packet and may lose Medicaid even if they still qualify. Medicaid members should: Update addresses with Update My Address website, at a DWSS Office or call (702) 486-1646 or (775) 684-7200. People who need to transition off Medicaid and into other health insurance can shop at Nevada Health Link.


Ky Plaskon
Public Information Officer, Division of Health Care Financing and Policy