Nevada Launches Legal Kiosks to Expand Access to Justice

Carson City, NV June 20, 2023

Nevadans looking for information or resources on legal questions will now be able to get more information, for free, at their local library.

The State of Nevada has announced the launch of the Legal Kiosk Project at 22 libraries across Nevada with the intent of making information more available to older Nevadans, underserved communities, and all those with questions.

The Legal Kiosk Project is led by Project Manager Susan Myers, Esq. of Nevada Legal Services (NLS) to address the digital divide which disproportionately affects communities, especially seniors, that lack the means to use technology to access the legal system.

“The reality is not everyone can afford a lawyer, so these new legal kiosks help immensely by putting information, court forms, and other resources in the hands of those who need them. This effort is part of delivering access to justice for everyone,” said Nevada Supreme Court Justice Elissa Cadish, co-chair of the Access to Justice Commission.

Legal Kiosks are designed to be a user-friendly portal for Nevadans to learn about civil legal issues, find court information and forms, access legal aid providers, locate community resources, and attend virtual court hearings. The Legal Kiosks provide curated information on topics including housing, divorce and custody, protection orders, guardianship, health care and financial powers of attorney, debt collection, Social Security, and veterans’ resources.

Nevada Supreme Court Justice Kristina Pickering, co-chair of the Access to Justice Commission commented that, “As people become more comfortable using technology, and as we see the ever-present need for free legal self-help resources, these new legal kiosks in libraries throughout the state will help Nevadans deal with the most common and pressing legal needs.”
The legal kiosks are part of an effort to expand access to justice in Nevada including several efforts funded through the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division.

The legal kiosks are available in 22 libraries throughout the state and are free to use. Information and services are available in English and Spanish and the kiosks are ADA accessible.

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Miles Terrasas
Public Information Officer, Aging and Disability Services Division